Graepels UK | Your Choice for Perforated Metal & Woven Mesh

Graepels are leading manufacturers of Perforated Metal and Woven Mesh for the Architectural,  Industrial & Commercial Industries

Graepels, UK have a long-standing tradition of producing high quality products, and have been manufacturing perforated metal and woven mesh products for more than 57 years. Established in 1959, Graepels are specialists in bespoke metal design. As an EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company within the UK, quality is at the core of our manufacturing processes.
Our extensive product range includes Perforated Metal Sheets, Woven Mesh Products, Decorative Perforated Metal, Picture-Perf and Anti-Slip SafeDeck Flooring. Graepels specialise in manufacturing Woven Mesh and Perforated Metal and Rubber products for the construction and industrial industries. Our industrial product range includes products such as Perforated Rubber Screens, Trommel Screens, Anti-Slip Flooring, Ladder Rungs and more.


  • Metal gratings, walkways, steps and ladder rungs
  • Slip ratings and Technical info.
  • Perforated Sheets
  • Woven wire mesh
  • Decorative metal, decorative sheets
  • Picture Perf
  • Presentations
  • Product range Catalogue
  • Master Project Portfolio

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  • Perforated metal sheets
  • Woven mesh
  • Picture Perf
  • Safedeck metal grating flooring, ladder rungs & steps
  • Perforated Rubber and plastics
  • Decorative Metal
  • Perforated Quarry screens and Trommels
  • Woven Mesh screens
  • Punch Plate
  • Filter Mesh, Fly and vermin mesh

Product Applications:

  • Architectural: Perforated Balustrade infill, Cladding, Rain-screens, Curtain walls, Walkways, Stairs, Grating ,Gates, Fencing, Ventilation Panels, Ceiling tiles, Screens etc.
  • Quarrying and Recycling: Perforated and Woven trommels, screen mesh, punch plate, self cleaning screens, Piano wire, rubber mates, flip flows etc.
  • Agricultural/Food Processing: Fly and Vermin Mesh, vegetable cleaners and grading drums and screens, Flax seed screen, Grain ventilation ducting, sugar industry screens, hammer mill screens, machine guards, smoking and backing trays
  • Public Art and Sculpture: Privately commissioned designs, Memorials, Integrated architectural pieces, Landscape designs, museum and galleries (Picture Perf)
  • Landscape and Garden Design: Bridges, outdoor shelters, gates and fencing, outdoor furniture, sculptures, walkways, anti-slip public walkways, privately commissioned work

Fabrication Services

Graepels metal  fabrication capabilities in addition to Perforation and Weaving include:

Rolling, folding, notching, bolt holing, welding, cutting, Levelling/flattening, bespoke work, custom designs – bespoke perforated metal sheets.


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